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THE FIDELITER CLUB is the oldest Women's Club in Illinois. Founded in 1882, we have always had the needs of our neighbors as our core mission.  In 1971, we incorporated under the "General Not for Profit Act" and qualify as a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization.


1882 - Our nine founding members started a Women's Social Club to help people in need in the Elgin community through distribution of food and clothing and assistance in other charitable causes.


1889 - The Annual Charity Ball was established to raise funds to support the philanthropic endeavors of the Women's Social Club.


1902 - The Women's Social Club joined with Fideliter Charity, another women's group dedicated to helping the Elgin community, to have greater impact.

"We want to help those in need in Elgin area during these difficult times." Founding Member




We are a dedicated group of women carrying on the tradition of our founding members to help those in need in the Greater Elgin Area by ensuring no child is hungry.


Our Objectives

  • Increase Funds to Support Our Mission

  • Sponsor and Adopt Organizations Who Support Our Mission

  • Increase the Breadth and Reach of the Fideliter Club

  • Increase Our Name and Brand Recognition

  • Embrace the Social Aspects of Our Club

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