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Our current membership is comprised of active members who operate the club on a day-to-day basis and non-active members who have retired from active service but wish to retain their bonds with the organization.   Our retired members are Assoicate Members (5-9 years), Emeritus Members (10-19 years) and Life Members (20+) years. 


We are proud of the commitment and support of all of our Members, both active and retired, who have worked diligently to make this a strong, vibrant community minded organization.   We are always looking for new members interested in joining with us to help with food and nutrition for children in the Greater Elgin Area.  If you are interested, please contact us for more information.



Active Members

Lisa Basham

Britta Battin

Therease Borst

Betty Brown

Colleen Colligan

Jennifer Colby

Patti Esposito

Sarah Ferreira

Sharon Fisher-Larson

Chris Galvin

Linda Gruber

Judy Hanlon

Kathy Hannell

Bonnie Henn-Pritchard

Michele Henn

Kim Hively

Kim Hopkins

Debbie Hudgens

Carolyn Kirk-Likou

Carri Laird

Amanda Laughlin

Kay Loeloff

Kim Lyons

Gina McCartney

Jan McGrath

Nancy McKenna

Mary Jane Maniscalli

Brenda Morrissy

Keli Nitschke

Linda O'Connor

Tamara O'Connor

Jennifer Rakow

Kacey Rupczynski

Gini Shahzada

Christie Slack

Robin Smith

Faith Thomas

Ann Warner

Margy Wascher






Associate Members


Mary Ellen Beckmann

Janine Kirkland

Darlene O'Connor



Emeritus Members

Cheryl Hogrewe

Sandy Imming

Gail Leyden

Julie Lichtenberg

Merrie Meadows

Pat Szpekowski


Life Members


Judy Emmert

Vivian Iverson

Pat Laird

Caren Nickelsen

Dorothy Perlman

Coral Reinert


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